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Fintech and financial solution providers integrate to Monto via one simple API to provide a missing part in their invoicing and payment processing processes

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You help your customers to accept payments, manage billing & collection

And eliminate manual work. BUT, you are not offering a holistic solution for them as they have an increasing number of customers (and the largest ones among them) that require the sales and finance team to work and communicate with them only through Supplier portals / procurement systems / vendor portals. The payment itself is made via the customers’ procurement software, exactly how the customers want- mostly with ACH or other bank transfer options

Finance teams spend hundreds of hours on working with those different platforms and payments from these customers are late and hurt cashflow. Most finance teams are not even looking for a solution as they don’t think it exists.

A simple, yet powerful solution


You have an opportunity in this problem. Your can delight your customers by offering a completely automatic process instead of existing, frustrating, multiple processes they currently need to execute- and you can create a new income flow by solving this problem. Monto’s mission is to streamline B2B payments by connecting suppliers with buyers, and the only way to truly achieve this goal is by collaborating with the experts of different fields and industries.

That’s why Monto offers one simple API, consisting of 5 endpoints, for you to embed this capability in your solution- COMPLETELY white labeled.

Automatic validation and delivery for every invoice.

Payments from customers, including the biggest ones, arrive much earlier (DSO and True days sales outstanding).

Finance team in delighted instead of frustrated.

Holistic approach for collecting payments from customers

With this capability, you can offer your customers-


One simple API to rule all A/P portals

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The Day Where Your Customers Will Ask You To Work With Their A/P Supplier Portal Will Come

You better be ready for it. Whether you suffer or enjoy from it is up to you.

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