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Building the future of B2B payments,

with innovation and finance expertise

Every B2B company in the world is going to need Monto. and it’s our job to show them why. The future of B2B payments requires interoperability and connectivity between suppliers’ systems and customers' portals, so we’ve made Monto as accessible and intuitive as possible. Whether you use it directly on an ERP system or via a fintech provider, the experience should be as simple as possible.

Monto’s team is made up of experts from the fields of technology, finance and innovation. We’ve brought together experienced professionals and fresh minds to create the perfect solution for busy revenue teams across the world.

Meet our team

Backed by industry leaders

Maya Cohen


Nitsan Yerushalmi


Gabriel Wertheimer


Yoav Shotland


Ariel Maislos

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Ex. Apple

Hannah Fennell

Controller at GM Voices

Amir Hershkovitz

Director of Business Finance
at AppsFlyer

David Oppenheimer

Investor, Ex-Udemy CFO

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Rothschild Boulevard 1
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (IL)

Join us and revolutionize B2B payments.

Maya Cohen

CEO @ Monto

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