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Revolutionizing Invoicing and Payment Processing

B2B suppliers and their customers suffer because their financial platforms don't play ball.

Fintechs and payment solution providers can integrate with Monto via our simple API, to provide a holistic financial tech solution, while staying focused on your core product.

Solve your clients' critical pain point

Most mid-market B2B suppliers struggle to work across the growing number of portals used by their customers. This new reality creates huge stress for streched revenue departments -- AR teams tell us that navigating so many portals is the worst part of their day.

The costs are huge: Millions of dollars get paid much later than average, with hundreds of hours get wasted in those portals.

Get innovative with Monto's API

You need more than a standard API to solve this problem. You need an advanced but intuitive solution that connects seamlessly to hundreds of portals at once, and learns how to use them exactly as customers expect. That’s where Monto comes in.

Monto focuses on forming smart connections, so you can focus on your core product.


Monto makes B2B payments in the digital world easier than ever before.


Connect to any buyer with one click

Get transactions data

Get real-time data about orders,
invoices and payments

Initiate a payment

Check for funds, deliver invoices and get confirmation


One click to connect and register to a customer's AP platforms.


Get real-time, categorized data on any payment, invoice or order you have in 300+ AP platforms.

AI payment request

Check for funds, deliver invoices, resolve issues and get payment confirmation. All done by Monto.

Receive all portal payments automatically, just like a card processor

Unprecedented TDSO: say goodbye to late payments for your clients

Satisfy clients by eliminating the worst part of their day

Offer Monto’s technology as a game-changing solution

Monto is a game-changer for your product

For B2B suppliers, connecting to customers' platforms is essential but frustrating.

You could be the one to solve that for your clients.
Start today. Make life easier with Monto.

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