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Getting paid automatically from all A/P platforms and portals

The Problem We Solve

In the digital financial world, companies make payments and handle with suppliers via their own payment system and platform. A/P software, procurement platforms, supplier portals- all refer to similar tools aimed just for that. While many clear benefits are in it for these companies, the suppliers face a new reality:

Working with endless different platforms used by customers, just to get invoices paid. 

Accept payments automatically from all A/P systems and portals

A Must Have Tool for Finance Teams

Just like accepting card payments, B2B suppliers must accept payments through A/P portals used by their customers.
With Monto, the whole process is done automatically!

Registration to portals, accurate invoicing and real-time payments status tracking- all automatic, visible in one place

Zero-hassle for employees

Eliminate the most in-efficient part of your finance team work.

Real-time updates

Gain visibility and insights like DSO, delayed payments, credit given and more.

Easy to use product

Easily initiate a payment from customers, just like with card payments.

Reach optimized DSO

Turn portals collections to your best performing payments, instead of worst

A Simple, Yet Powerful Solution

Platform + ERP Add-on
For B2B Companies

For all portals' invoices, Monto doesn't stop until the invoice is paid!
With an acceptance rate of 99%.

Monto validates the invoice, making sure everything is right for the specific customer.

Monto delivers the invoice accurately to the right customer in the right portal

Monto monitors updates about invoices and purchase orders (approved, rejected) and about payments (payment scheduled, payment made).

The Secret Sauce

Powered by Three Key Layers

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AI Knowledge-Base

that stores the billing and payment preferences of every customer, including their A/P portal, and how to deliver invoices accuratley into it.


to supplier ERP and to A/P portals to deliver invoices and get updates about invoices status and payments.

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Platform Backed by A/R Experts

together with reports for finance and sales teams, with continuous support from our A/R experts team.

Your Customers Are Asking You to Work With Their Procurement Platforms

You better be ready for it.

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