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We're leading the way as a security-first organization, building the infrastructure for the future of B2B payments. Monto is SOC 2 compliant and adheres to the highest security and privacy standards set by OWASP and GDPR.

A Secure Software

Setting up Monto is easy:

Monto connects to your customers' portals

Monto gathers invoices and data directly from your ERP tool, accounting system, or via email

Enjoy fully automatic collection flows and stay on top of your orders, invoices, payments and data

A secure and innovative platform to streamline

billing and collections.

Monto is powerful, and with that comes responsibility. We put security and simplicity first.

How it works

The first AI-powered connector between your ERP and your customers portals. 

Working with endless supplier portals is the #1 problem for revenue teams. Monto solves that by forming smart integrations between financial systems, enabling a seamless collection flow of payments and data from any A/P platform.

Connect With Customers

Automatically register and authenticate access to any AP portal. Monto stores your information securely to connect you with your customers in one click.

Initiate Payments From Any Platform

Automatically deliver invoices and data to all customers using AP portals. Error-prone, tedious billing processes become accurate and instant.

Track Payments' Data

Easily monitor all orders and payments across all platforms. Data that was once scattered across hundreds of platforms is now presented in one helpful dashboard.

Pro-Active Management

Enjoy automatic, pre-emptive validation and resolution of billing issues. Make stuck invoices and unresolved tasks a thing of the past.

Rich Insights

Make data-driven decisions with Monto's real-time insight dashboard. Stay on top of your TDSO, CEI, aging buckets and other key metrics.

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