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AppsFlyer Case Study

Updated: May 3, 2023

AppsFlyer partners with Monto to automatically collect payments from customers’ AP platforms

AppsFlyer helps thousands of companies to power predictable app growth, protect customer privacy, and deliver exceptional mobile experiences.



“Adjusting our billing processes over and over again is impossible!”

When the mobile industry started growing over a decade ago, the app economy took off, but marketers, developers, and product managers had no way of accurately measuring the success of their work. Recognizing this gap in the market, AppsFlyer was established to provide a solution. Today, the company empowers thousands of businesses worldwide to achieve predictable app growth, protect customer privacy, and deliver exceptional mobile experiences.

As the company expanded its client base, the billing and collection process became increasingly complex. With over 200 customers utilizing AP portals, the AppsFlyer’s Accounts Receivable (AR) team had to navigate more than 200 different processes across 45 different systems. With a 10% increase in the number of customers utilizing these portals each month, it quickly became impossible for the team to manually adjust the process for each new customer.

To address this challenge, AppsFlyer needed a system that adapts to each customer's unique requirements, providing a completely automated invoice submission process with minimal errors. They needed a system that enables the company to manage all of its online billing and collections through various AP portals, consolidating the data into a single, unified system. This would allow the team to stay on top of payments and keep up with the increasing demand from their customers.


“Monto is like the AR manager of our team. It directs us to focus on what is really important.”

Partnering with Monto has helped AppsFlyer’s billing and collection process to become flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of each customer. With a one-click process, Monto's platform allows AppsFlyer to automatically collect payments through various AP portals, gain full visibility into the activity on these portals, and stay up-to-date with customer information. The AR team can now spend more time on important tasks, thanks to a 38% reduction in True Days Sales Outstanding (TDSO) and a 34% improvement in the approval rate. All of this enables AppsFlyer to turn their biggest pain point into an advantage, and makes them even more customer-friendly.


Monto's smart engine adapts to each customer's needs, streamlining the invoice submission process. This optimization has led to a tremendous increase in AppsFlyer’s approval rate, which is now at an impressive 97%. With Monto, AppsFlyer’s AR team no longer needs to spend time troubleshooting rejection issues, as invoices are collected without any employee lifting a finger.

“Monto makes sure our money arrives earlier than before.”

Total Days Sales Outstanding (TDSO) measures how quickly a company collects payment for its invoices. The optimal TDSO of a company is based on the credit terms offered by the supplier. The more invoices not collected on time, the higher the TDSO. With Monto's platform, invoices are delivered as soon as they are issued, and invoice rejections are prevented with accurate invoicing. Today, AppsFlyer enjoys a new reality where collections from portals are made automatically and on time!

“Monto’s system is giving us back a lot of time to focus on collection.”

AP portals can streamline communication between suppliers and buyers, but require a lot of manual work from suppliers. AppsFlyer’s AR team used to spend hours manually uploading invoices and then tracking them, dealing with rejections, and communicating with buyers through AP portals with different interfaces. This manual work was time-consuming and burdensome. But since implementing Monto, the AR team no longer has to deal with this tedious manual work. Monto's automated system handles it all, freeing up the AR team to focus on more important tasks, creating happier employees.


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